11 January 2012

Time for Uniqlets!

Uniqlets is another amazing find from my general pondering of the WWW! These timeless jewellery pieces have bewildered me. The intricate detailing of these pieces are fantastic and are a great attachment to any outfit. The designer Lisa Rosenberg and in a her bio she states:

My take on jewelry is simple: elegant, whimsical or colorful, I want the jewelry I wear and create to make a “statement”. The pieces I create are never shy or retiring, and each one is unique. If my jewelry shares a theme, it is nostalgia with an edge. The components I use are vintage dating from the Victorian era through the 1960s. Bakelite, glass, rhinestone, metal or wood -
button, buckle, game piece, or vintage jewelry – if it strikes my fancy it may show up in one of my bracelets or necklaces. The variety allows a woman to find a piece that reflects her personal style.

Her work is truly inspiring. I feel it is hard to come across jewellery of this detailing. Something of which is a piece to keep and hand down!

See what all the fuss is about at